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A phone answering service works in a way where it replaces the automated voice message or IVR system. Instead it relies on a live operator to answer the call at any time of the day. For a phone answering service to work, the operators must be trained in answering the calls of the customers who are otherwise used to automated answering services. A phone answering service reduces the turnaround time for a call to be put through and eliminates the automated part of it, making it much more personal and responsive to the customer’s needs.

A business answering service uses people to answer the calls from customers instead of routing them to a machine oriented system.

In times of customer emergency, it is better to have a person taking the call instead of a machine which makes it more personal for the customer and goes a long way in relieving the stress of the emergency.

For all businesses, it is always better to have live people taking the calls to alleviate the concerns of the customers who may want to explain the details of their problem and get support from your staff.

There are some businesses that need 24 hour answering services. For these type of businesses, it is advisable for them to have someone answering the phone at non-regular hours and responding to the complaints.

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