Appointment Setting
Gimban's appointment setting services set the stage for the initial sales pitch of your product or service. We engage with prospects at the early stages of the sales process, helping them evaluate their need for a particular product or service and providing information on product features, usability and pricing. Techants works towards bringing you closer to concluding a sale by ensuring that your sales staff engages only with educated leads.

Techants professional appointment setting services are handled by the right people with a flair for sales. We provide you with a powerful channel for sales promotion. Outsource appointment setting services to Techants and save time and resources of your field sales staff - time that would otherwise have gone into navigating cold calls, telemarketing and objection handling.

Our team of expert lead generation professionals would first define the objectives and analyze the short term and long term goals of our lead generation customer. We will then identify the factors of a qualified lead for our customer's business. After identifying the factors of a qualified lead, our experienced team will work on generating leads. Throughout the process, we ensure that we effectively meet our customer's requirements.

Appointment Setting for B2B and B2C

Techants extends its appointment setting services to a broad base of customers across varied industry verticals. Our versatility is evident in the fact that we not only deal with various business customers, but also with consumers. Our expertise in B2B and B2C markets speak volumes of the capabilities of our team.

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